An aerial hoop becomes a web trapping the imaginings of the restless.

Created during lock-down (UK 2020), this piece reimagined the aerial hoop at a low height using elasticated webbing. Drawing on a sense of uncertainty, restlessness and entrapment this short film presents a fantastical imagining of the covid-limited-aerialist.

5 Seconds


A game of consequences.

Over the period of a month I recorded 5 seconds of movement on dance trapeze, each day adding on to what had gone before. With no plan, no pathway and no expectations, the result is an honest account of a creative aerial practice – the good days, the bad days, the days that are inspired, spinny, faffy, full of fatigue or just plain silly.

When in Knots …


A performance of entanglement.

This 20 minute aerial fabric work explores the relationships between knots, entanglement, and creative exploration.

Drawing on the new materialist ideas of Karen Barad and Donna Haraway, as well as the anthropological perspectives and meanderings of Tim Ingold, this performance offers a tactile and visual representation of the process of research and creative exploration.

“It matters what knots knot knots, and it matters how I knot knots.”

Photography by Mike B Designs.

“We absolutely loved, loved your practice sharing. What a wonderful, unique insight into the (highly metaphorical!) conceptualising of knots and entanglement. I’ve been telling people about it back in Manchester!”

“Both the words and the practice enhanced each other. I was taken on a journey.”


This short film reimagines a 2022 live work using dance trapeze and head torch.
“In search of balance, electricity seeks the path of least resistance”

Photography & Filming by Mike B Designs